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Canadian NMR Research Groups and Facilities
Memorial University of Newfoundland
      • Valerie Booth (Biochemistry)
      • Mike Morrow (Physics)
      • Anand Yethiraj (Physics)
      • Celine Schneider (CREAITE)

Dalhousie University
      • Mike Lumsden (NMR-3)
      • Jan Rainey (Biochemistry & Mol Biology)
      • Ulrike Werner-Zwanziger (NMR-3)
      • Joe Zwanziger (Chemistry)
      • NMR-3
      • DREAMS (CREATE program)

Nova Scotia
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 
      • Chris Kirby
University of Prince Edward Island 
      • Doug Marchbank (NMR Lab)

University of New Brunswick
      • Bruce Balcom (Chemistry & Physics)

      • Larry Calhoun (Chemistry)
      • Igor Mastikhin (Physics)

New Brunswick

Mount Allison University 
      • Dan Durant (NMR Facility)

Université Laval
      • Michèle Auger (Chimie)
      • Pierre Audet (Chimie)
      • Stéphane Gagné (Biochimie)
      • Younès Messaddeq (COPL)
      • PROTEO
INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier
      • Nicolas Doucet

      • Steven LaPlante

Université de Sherbrooke
      • Serge Lacelle (Chimie)
      • Pierre Harvey (Chimie)

McGill University
      • Tomislav Friščić
      • Kalle Gehring
      • Anthony Mittermaier
      • Linda Reven
      • Tara Sprules (QANUC)
      • Robin Stein (NMR Facility)
      • QANUC
      • GRASP
      • Bionanomachines (CREATE program)


Université de Montréal
      • Pedro Aguiar (NMR Facility)

      • Normand Cyr (Structural Biology)

      • Michel Lafleur (Chimie)
      • Pascale Legault (Biochimie)
      • James Omichinski (Biochimie)
      • Michael Osborne (IRIC NMR)
      • Julian Zhu (Chimie)

Université du Québec à Montréal
      • Alexandre Arnold (CQMF)
      • Isabelle Marcotte (Chimie)
Concordia University
      • Sushil K. Misra (Physics)
      • Alexey Denisov (NMR Facility)
Carleton University
      • Gerald Buchanan (Chemistry)
      • John Ripmeester (Chemistry/NRC)
      • Ian Cameron (Physics, OMPI)
      • Andrew Marble (SCE)
      • Keith Bourque (NMR Lab)
Health Canada, Ottawa
      • Yves Aubin

University of Ottawa
      • David Bryce (Chemistry)
      • Glenn Facey (NMR Facility)
      • Natalie Goto (Chemistry)

      • Peter Pallister (NMR Facility)
      • Victor Terskikh (Chemistry)


National Research Council Canada, Ottawa
      • Emerging Technologies Division
      • Life Sciences Division
      • Engineering Division

Queen's University
      • Gang Wu (Chemistry)
      • Steven Smith (Biomedical and Molecular Sci)
      • Françoise Sauriol (NMR Facility)
      • Protein Function Discovery (PFD) Program

University of Toronto
      • Cheryl Arrowsmith (Ontario Cancer Institute)
Darcy Burns (CSICOMP, Chemistry)
      • Tim Burrow (CSICOMP, Chemistry)
      • Julie Forman-Kay (SickKids)

      • Mitsu Ikura (Medical Biophysics, OCI)
      • Voula Kanelis (Chemistry, Missisauga)
      • Lewis Kay (Biochemistry)
      • Peter Macdonald (Chemistry, Missisauga)
      • Scott Prosser (Chemistry, Missisauga)
      • William Reynolds (Chemistry)
      • Genevieve Seabrook (NMR Facility, OCI)
      • Simon Sharpe (SickKids)
      • Andre Simpson (Chemistry)
      • Myrna Simpson (Environmental Sci)
      • Ronald Soong (Environmental NMR Center)

York University
      • Logan Donaldson (Biology)
      • Philip Johnson (Chemistry)  
      • Howard Hunter (NMR Facility) 
      • Derek Wilson (Chemistry) 
      • NMR Facility (Chemistry) 

Brock University
      • Edward Sternin (Physics)
      • Stephen Hartman (Chemistry)
      • Razvan Simionescu (NMR Facility) 
      • Major Instrument Facilities (Chemistry) 


McMaster University
      • Alex Bain (Chemistry)
      • Bob Berno (NMR Facility)
      • Richard Epand (Biochemistry)
      • Gillian Goward (Chemistry)
      • Giuseppe Melacini (Chemistry)
      • Gary Schrobilgen (Chemistry)
      • Bruker Users Mail (BUM)

Redeemer University College, Hamilton
      • Darren Brouwer (Chemistry)
University of Guelph
      • Glenn Penner (Chemistry)
      • Vladimir Ladizhansky (Physics)
      • Jim Davis (Physics)
      • Ken Jeffrey (Physics)
      • Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid (NMR Facility)
University of Waterloo
      • William Power (Chemistry)
      • Hartwig Peemoeller (Physics & Astronomy)
      • Raymond Laflamme (Quantum Computing)
      • Janet Venne (NMR Facility, Chemistry)

University of Western Ontario
      • Blaine Chronik (Physics and Astronomy)
      • Roberta Flemming (Earth Sciences)
      • Yining Huang (Chemistry)
      • Gary Shaw (Biochemistry)
      • Mathew Willans (NMR Facility, Chemistry)

University of Windsor
      • Robert Schurko
      • Matt Revington (NMR Facility)
University of Manitoba
      • Scott Kroeker (Chemistry)
      • Joe O'Neil (Chemistry)
      • David Davidson (NMR Facility)
University of Winnipeg 
      • Ramin Vakili (NMR Facility)
University of Regina
      • Chemistry and Biochemistry 
University of Saskatchewan   
      • Structural Sciences Centre
      • Keith Brown (NMR Facility)
      • Oleg Dmitriev (Biochemistry) 


University of Alberta
      • Peter Hwang (Medicine)
      • Ryan McKay (NMR Facility)
      • Vladimir Michaelis (Chemistry)
      • Michael Overduin (Biochemistry)
      • Leo Spyracopoulos (Biochemistry)
      • Brian Sykes (Biochemistry)

      • John Vederas (Chemistry)
      • Roderick Wasylishen (Chemistry)
      • David Wishart (Computing and Biological)
      • HMDB
      • UMDB
      • NANUC
      • YMDB


King's University College, Edmonton
      • Kristopher Ooms (Chemistry)

University of Calgary
      • Hans Vogel
      • Venkataraman Thangadurai
      • Michelle Forgeron (Instrumentation Facility)
University of Lethbridge
      • Paul Hazendonk
      • Michael Gerken
      • David Siminovitch
      • Tony Montina (NMR Facility)
University of British Columbia
      • Elliott Burnell (Chemistry)
      • Ronald Dong  (Physics and Astronomy)
      • Colin Fyfe (Chemistry)
      • Andrew MacFarlane (Chemistry)
      • Lawrence McIntosh (Biochemistry)
      • Carl Michal (Physics and Astronomy)
      • Suzana Straus (Chemistry)
      • Zhicheng (Paul) Xia (NMR Facility)
British Columbia

Simon Fraser University
      • Jenifer Thewalt (Molecular Biology)

      • Mike Hayden (Physics)

      • Jeff Sonier (Physics)

      • Eric Ye (NMR Facility, Chemistry)

University of Victoria 
Chris Barr (NMR Facility)

This list is being constantly updated and revised. Some labs and people may be not listed here due to oversight. To get your lab listed or to create an individual profile of your lab on our web-pages please contact the 900 Facility Manager (contact).