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Pulse Sequences


The Heteronuclear correlation pulse sequence is a 2 dimensional experiment used to reveal spatial correlations between two heteronuclear spins. In this experiment the transverse magnetization of one species is left to evolve over a time t1 before what remains of the magnetization is transferred to the other species in a CP step. Upon FT of the data a 2D spectrum results with cross-peaks between the interacting spin signals indicating that CP took place between the corresponding spins. As such those spins must be close in space.

spectra 31H/13C HETCOR with Frequency-Switched Lee-Goldberg (FSLG) 1H homonuclear decoupling for alpha-Hydroquinone. Experiments performed by D. Brouwer (NRC-SIMS) with the 3.2 mm MAS probe.

December, 2005